Mexence is an application technology company
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We are an application technology
company using robotics and
artificial intelligence to improve
working conditions and productivity.

Our focus are "new frontiers" where robotics and AI are seldom applied. We believe that this represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people work, do business and live. Some of our current main projects include: the development of a paint robot, the development of a modular automated guided vehicle and the use of artificial intelligence in knowledge management and operations modeling.


Knowledge is the biggest wasted resource in the world.
Be it knowledge created by scientists and never used, or solutions existing in other areas that would easily solve clients’ problems with little to no change.

As companies look for ways to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, AI and robotic solutions can tremendously contribute to generating additional revenue with limited risk and cost. We believe the best way to create value for clients is not to invent solutions then push them. We rather focus on the most important aspect, which is listening thoughtfully to clients to identify their problem. We then turn to the pool of existing digital and robotic solutions that we use as bricks, complemented with specific R&D developments, to device the right one for clients. The risk of implementing such solution is lowered because most ingredients are tested and reliable. The result not only generates revenue, but also strategically bolsters customers brand in a substantive way.


We partner with clients to establish awareness of the situation, identify areas where robotics and artificial intelligence new developments can add value to their business and develop the right solution. Partnerships may be limited to merely solving the client's problem or be extended to jointly bringing the newly developed product to the entire market and potentially reinvent the whole business

  • Awareness:
    We use questioning, observation, networking and experiment to achieve the best knowledge of the situation.

  • Future Operations:
    We use operational excellence, application innovations to define the future state. We do not look for incremental gains but rather the ones that will give a huge boost to business income and reduce cost.

  • Implementation:
    Our target is to deliver the future operations quickly at minimum cost while ensuring exceptional quality. Our approach is characterized by 3 aspects:

    1. “Sandbox” trials to experiment and validate as we implement,
    2. Partnership to speed-up value delivery and guarantee the best results,
    3. Use of off-shelf solutions along with focused R&D developments to lower cost and ensure quality while delivering real and big value quickly.


Ludovic Desgrées

CNAM IT engieneer and HEC Paris Executive MBA with more than 20 years career experience in operational positions and in a digital transformation consulting company

After a first experience at IBM, he worked for PSA Peugeot Citroën on several projects of digital transformation mainly in supply chain where he developed and implemented several technologic solutions. In 2007, upon joining Sopra Steria Consulting, he led a team delivering revenue-generating digital businesses for clients. Among others activities, he implemented in clients’ warehouses numerous innovative solutions including voice recognition technology for part picking operations, which helped drastically reduce operational costs.

We are proud of our hands-on and highly talented team, most of them graduated from top universities as CentraleSupélec, HEC Paris and Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris. Besides our internal resources, we enjoy a tremendous network of world leaders in their expertise that can be tapped to provide any project with the best, our highest priority being to make the project successful.


To learn more about the great value we can add to your business and your whole sector, should we extend our partnership, please contact us at